Considering the Pill? Here’s What to Discuss With Your Doctor
In the United States, birth control pills have been around since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved them in 1960. They can be a reliable way...
Mar 09
How Social Connections Can Help Keep Your Brain Healthy as You Age
As you get older, it’s more important than ever to maintain your relationships with family, friends and people in your community. “With social relationships,...
Mar 07
How to Tell Whether a Bump on the Head Is Serious
Bob Saget’s tragic death drives home the danger of brain injuries. After a bump or blow to the head, it’s essential to know what to do and what to watch...
Mar 04
Need to Have Blood Drawn? Here’s the Best Way to Prepare
Examining your blood can give your doctor important information about your health. Blood tests can help determine whether your organs are working properly,...
Mar 02
Here’s Why You Get Motion Sickness and What Can Keep the Queasiness Away
If you’ve ever felt nauseated or you’ve had to vomit when you’re on the move, you know how unpleasant motion sickness can be. It’s been a common problem...
Mar 01
High-Functioning Alcoholism Can Be Hard to Recognize. Here’s What to Know
You probably have a stereotypical image of someone who is an alcoholic. You might picture someone who drinks all the time, rarely has a day without a hangover...
Feb 28
How and Why Your Health Improves When Your Doctor Prescribes Exercise
It’s surely no surprise to you that exercise is good for your health. But maybe you’re struggling to stick with a workout routine. Perhaps you don’t have...
Feb 27
Here’s How Reiki Therapy Can Help Reduce Stress and Promote Healing
Whether you’re dealing with stress, recovering from an injury or facing an illness or health condition, you may want to include Reiki therapy as part of...
Feb 22
3 Reasons to Wake Up Your Workout With Activation Exercises
If you’d like to get better results from your workouts and lower your risk of injury, you might want to incorporate activation exercises into your routine. “Activation...
Feb 21
What a Cardiologist Wants You to Know About the New Heart-Healthy Diet Guidelines
For the first time in 15 years, the American Heart Association updated its guidelines for a heart-healthy diet. Amitoj Singh MD, a cardiologist at Banner...
Feb 19
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